When you book a reading with me, here's what you can expect~

~ I believe that the tarot is a tool that can help individuals reach more deeply towards their inner knowing. I do not use tarot as a fortune telling technique but rather as a way to help others connect with themselves more deeply and learn to trust their intuition. I conduct my readings in a conversational manner.

~ I make every effort to create a safe space for all people in my readings. I read in a gender-inclusive and LGTBQIA friendly manner. I am actively working to educate myself on how to be antiracist as a white privileged person. 

~ Prior to a reading, I will take a moment of quiet reflection to call in my spirit guides and helping beings to assist me in providing a helpful for the client.  

~ I may use a different deck than you expect. I use many different tarot decks in my practice. Each deck has its own specific voice and prior to a reading I may select a deck based on my intuition, or I may ask you if you would like to choose between several. I own several decks which are more inclusive of marginalized identities, such as the Next World Tarot or the Modern Witch Tarot. If you would prefer that we conduct your reading using one of these, just let me know ahead of time!

I am currently only offering virtual tarot readings. 

To book, email swampwitch.reesa@gmail.com