~ Reesa uses tarot as a medium to connect to spirit and to read the energy of the present moment. Readings are conducted in an informal, conversational manner. Reesa does not consult the tarot to predict the future and will not read for another individual who is not present without their consent.

~ Prior to a reading, Reesa will take a moment of quiet reflection to call in her spirit guides and helpful present spirits to assist in providing an illuminating and deeply nourishing reading for the client. 

~ Reesa has an ongoing relationship with a variety of tarot decks. Each one has its own role and personality. Prior to a reading a specific deck may be selected based on the reader's intuition. 

Several decks are available for use during your reading that are more inclusive of marginalized identities, such as the Next World Tarot or the Modern Witch Tarot. If you would prefer that your reading be  conducted using one of these decks, please state your preference upon booking. 

~  Every effort is made to create a safe space for all people. Reesa is a queer-positive, cisgendered white woman who is actively working to educate herself on how to be antiracist and inclusive of folks of all abilities and backgrounds. She welcomes helpful feedback.

*new*~ You may request an optional flower essence recommendation at this time. During your reading Reesa will dowse for an appropriate flower essence for you to work with at this point in your journey. 


30$ for 1/2 hour 

60$ for one hour

+ optional cost of flower essence and shipping


At this time I am able to offer

50% off readings for BIPOC, please specify when booking, no questions asked.