Vetch Flower Essence

Vetch Flower Essence


experience meaning.


Vetch flower (vicia) is a climbing vine with dispersed purple flowers. It is commonly seen in fields or waste spaces and can be aggressive as it is considered an invasive plant in the northeast. Vetch is resilient, it is tenacious. She helps us to see recognize threads of meaning that are running through our lives, even when our lives feel confusing and foggy. She can help us experience our lives as meaningful, even if we can’t see where they are going. 


2 dram dropper bottle 


*Flower Essences are low-dose energetic medicine that can help us shift our energy on an emotional or vibrational level. They are created by infusing fresh flowers in spring water under the sunlight or moonlight and preserving this infusion with brandy. 


Dosage: 1-3 drops on the tongue or in a small glass of water 3x daily