This elixir is a blend of Motherwort - Leonorus cardiaca - the lion heart- suspended in apple cider vinegar and Hawthorn berriy tincture. Raw Maine honey adds sweetness. 


This blend is for those who have closed their emotional hearts off from the world to protect their inner selves from vulnerability. Boundaries are important, but in closing our hearts we lose the ability to connect with human and non-human entities. This blend is for safely opening ourselves to love again. 


Motherwort calms the heart and nerves. Hawthorn is known for its ability to care for the heart, both physically and emotionally. One of the wonderful things about Hawthorn is its thorns- we do not need to fear vulnerability at opening our emotional hearts, because Hawthorn knows how to defend itself.


Suggested Dosage: 7 drops as desired. Best taken over an extended period of time.

♡ Heart Opening Elixir ♡